Boy, you think you got it bad in the winter. This song will make you feel much better about your living situation in the winter.

Google Maps Eastport Maine

With just a 1,300 population, Eastport, Maine is the least populated city in the state. It is quite a charming town in the summer as thousands flee there homes to come up for vacations. One of it's residents got creative a few years back and thought it needed to be known that winter in Eastport is brutal. The gentleman singing this song doesn't necessarily have the best voice but, his lyrics make up for it. Also, there are some improv heavy Maine accent conversations sprinkled in for even more laughs. The video was posted on YouTube by Dennis Barker. Not sure if he is the genius mind behind this song though. He points out that no other place has ever seen what 200 feet of snow looks like and that he would take 20 below than more shoveling!

Take a listen and just think how much easier your winter is than in Eastport.