Are you the type that drinks ice coffee all year round?


Are you a hot coffee person or ice coffee? I am bold and I drink ice coffee/tea all year long. I run hot anyways aka I can sweat easily. I do enjoy hot coffee at home on a cold Sunday morning while making breakfast. #lifegoals

We all live busy lives and are multitasking constantly. Have you ever had to carry so much stuff into the house or work and can't figure out how to carry your ice coffee safely? It makes me cry to see coffee spilled for reals! LOL

What if I told you there is a dream product that can take away your ice coffee carrying worries? Well, there is now. But, I have searched online to find where to actually buy this contraption that will keep your ice coffee safe; I can't find it to buy! Maybe you will have better luck? Or, do you have a DIY way to carry your ice coffee on the go?

This product is genius and whomever invented it needs to start up a business to sell it to the masses. Freakin technology man....I am telling you! #Genius #Dunkin #icecoffee