Do you have a dog?

Winter is coming.

I can tell you that my dog Fancy is not a fan of winter what so ever. She is a tiny little chihuahua mix and her paws are so tiny. She is hairless on her belly and a few other areas and she has a wardrobe of sweaters and coats to wear. I have some rubber shoes for her but, she hates them! When you bring your dog out, does he/she wear a jacket or sweater?

If you are a dog lover like me, your dog is part of your family. It's hard to imagine that people don't feel that way about their dog. Some people tend to leave their dogs outside more than inside. And, that includes in extreme heat and extreme cold. According to it is now illegal in Pennsylvania to leave your dog out in those extreme conditions for 30 minutes in temperatures above 90 or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Some states have adopted laws like this as well.

For Maine:

2. Outdoor standards.  Minimum outdoor standards of shelter are as follows.
(1) An artificial shelter, with a minimum of 3 sides and a waterproof roof, appropriate to the local climatic conditions and for the species and breed of the animal must be provided as necessary for the health of the animal.
(2) If a dog is tied or confined unattended outdoors under weather conditions that adversely affect the health of the dog, a shelter must be provided in accordance with subsection 6, paragraph A to accommodate the dog and protect it from the weather and, in particular, from severe cold. Inadequate shelter may be indicated by the shivering of the dog due to cold weather for a continuous period of 10 minutes or by symptoms of frostbite or hypothermia. A metal barrel is not adequate shelter for a dog.

For New Hampshire: 

644:8 Cruelty to Animals. – I. In this section, "cruelty' shall include, but not be limited to, acts or omissions injurious or detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of any animal, including the abandoning of any animal without proper provision for its care, sustenance, protection or shelter. II. In this section, "animal' means a domestic animal, a household pet or a wild animal in captivity. II-a. In this section, "shelter'' or "necessary shelter'' for dogs shall mean any natural or artificial area which provides protection from the direct sunlight and adequate air circulation when that sunlight is likely to cause heat exhaustion of a dog tied or caged outside. Shelter from the weather shall allow the dog to remain clean and dry. Shelter shall be structurally sound and have an area within to afford the dog the ability to stand up, turn around and lie down, and be of proportionate size as to allow the natural body heat of the dog to be retained.