Beware. If you are an animal lover, this will be hard to see. 

In the wake of the horrific Nor'easter from this weekend, some of New Hampshire's shorelines will never look the same. The damage done is in the millions and much worse than anticipated. Families and businesses are cleaning up and bracing for the next Nor'easter coming tomorrow into Thursday. Now, can you imagine with those big waves how they affect the sea life? Sadly, a seal pup lost his way in the storm Monday. Seabrook Police found the 2 month old baby seal washed up on RT 286 in Seabrook, New Hampshire. That is FAR from the ocean! According to News Center Maine, the officers saw the pup scooting in the road and rescued him. They drove him to the National Marine Life Center where he is getting the help he needs. His condition is still unclear due to how bad the storm beat him up. Let's all send positive thoughts his way for a good outcome.