What is your favorite movie?


Have you ever watched a movie that mentally and physically affected you? For me, it rarely happens. You see, the way I watch any TV show or movie is emotionally. I tend to immerse myself into what I am watching and fully believe the story and characters. To the point that I complete forget that they are just acting. Now, when I watch a bad movie with a terrible story line and awful acting; I can feel it immediately and that affects me as well. It's like eating black licorice, I hate that and spit it out and wonder why I even tried to eat it!

Last Friday 'A Star Was Born' was released starring Bradley Cooper, who directed too, and Lady Gaga. I have never seen the 3 other versions of this movie and I was completely taken with this film. Bradley, Gaga and other songwriters wrote every song in the movie. All of the songs they sang and recording live. That IS Bradley Cooper singing. The result makes these characters even more believable. I completely fell in love with their love story and how the music changed as they changed throughout the film. It was an emotional roller coaster and I was committed to the movie and story the entire time. As I left the theater after is was over, I could not stop crying. Even Nick, my BF, was crying. Up to right now, I am still carrying the movie with me. What I mean is all the emotions I got watching this movie are still affecting me. I don't want to ruin the movie for you at all but, bring some tissues. I predict this movie will win every Oscar and you are doing yourself a disservice by not going to see it. Not good for the kids by the way. I give this movie an A+++++++ infinity!

Check out these 2 songs from the soundtrack! There's a little southern rock in these songs.