My life is an open book. Frankly, sometimes, my book is WAY too open! But, I talk to you everyday, so you are a part of my life. And, I want you to know me. I am a bit 'askew' in life, meaning, I see things in a unique and bizarre way. Oh, I'll just say it, I am 'cray cray'! But, we all are in our own way. When it comes to my relationships with men, it can be a roller coaster, but a lot of fun. I have been single for about 5 years now, not for lack of trying. I have met good guys, bad guys, and just plain disaster guys. None have stuck, but, I have now met someone that is on his way to 'stickin'!

I have been seeing this guy for about a month, and we are in the learning phase. Getting to know someone is scary, difficult, and just plain awkward. He is a sweetheart, and everyday I am liking him more and more. I am one of those people that talk about him, and people listening get sick! Cause, it's super sweet. So, another step in getting to know each other as a couple is, finding that perfect 'pet name' for each other. A nickname, and it's harder than you think! I tend to use 'honey', 'baby', and 'tiger' to name a few. Now, my man on the other hand is struggling. The other day, he texted me and called me 'Poopy'. I was like 'what the crap is that?' And, he has also tried 'Pooky', and I am not a 'Pooky'. Last night, we talked on the phone, and he admitted he is struggling to find a 'pet name' that matches me. I agreed that he can keep trying out new ones all the time, till he finds one that fits. So, let the fun begin! LOL.

So, you tell me, what is your 'pet name' for your significant other? Have you ever been giving a 'pet name' that you did not like? 

In the meantime, here's a fun quiz to take to find out which Nickname is perfect for you!