Start planning your trip to Nova Scotia on The CAT ferry and have a happy summer adventure yourself!

My next stop on my 'epical' adventure in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia was to Cape Forchu Lightstation for a surprise for my belly! Chef Jeremy runs the Keepers Kitchen inside this historic lighthouse and he prepared us an authentic lobster boil.Before dinner was served we were guided on a tour thru the lighthouse quarters and it's rich history. Then, it was time to chow down! We each had our own bucket full of a couple lobsters, muscles, corn and potatoes that hit the spot. They also served us up wine and beer as we watched the sun set over Yarmouth Harbor. This was something I have never experienced before and am dying to do again!


Once my belly was full with seafood goodness, we took the ride to the fabulous Trout Point Lodge. We were wonderfully greeted by owners Patrick & Pam and I could not believe how gorgeous the place was. It is much like a resort in a big luxurious log cabin. This is what an award winning Hotel of the World looks like. I immediately felt warm and cozy enjoying a cocktail in the lounge next to a warm fire and acoustic live music. Trout Point offers guided stargazing, forest bathing, hiking and wonderful cuisine from Executive Chef Andreas PreußThey showed me to my room for the night and my jaw dropped!


Woke up refreshed and renewed to head home to Portland on The CAT Ferry. This trip was so much wrapped in one! The only word I can explain just how lovely everything was is 'Epical'. Which means beyond just epic. Take this adventure for yourself and you will be a changed person after. Get to planning your trip now with Yarmouth and Acadian Shores!