Have you booked your Summer getaway yet on The CAT Ferry to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia?

After my kayak and I made it back to shore, we said goodbye to the lovely ladies of Song of the Paddle and headed to The Tusket Court House Gaols & Archives. Gaols is the old French word for jail and boy this one was packed with rich history. We took a guided tour of the nation's oldest standing courthouse that was built in 1805. It also operated at the town jail from 1805-1944. And believe me, when you see just how tiny the cells are; you kind of feel sorry for those criminals!

After a healthy dose of history, we where whisked away just a minute up the road to have the most fancy lunch ever! Chef Cory McLaughlin is a master of all things food and spoiled us rotten with the ultimate spread at The Hatfield House. The restaurant is inside a New England home nestled into the East bank of the Tusket River. I felt right at home here being treated to magnificent seafood fare that included appetizers of muscles to ways, lobster rolls, calamari, coconut shrimp, and grilled scallops. The main course was a traditional to the area creamed lobster on toast. I have never been this happy eating a meal and completely satisfied after.

After I was stuffed, we then went to check out Tusket Falls Brewing Company. Owners Melanie Sweeney and Jeff Raynard kept the beer samples coming and man that was good drinking! My personal favorite was the Stout.

Next we had some shopping and down time for a bit. Then, it was off to take a sail around Yarmouth Harbor and dinner at a lighthouse! More to come! Thanks to Yarmouth & Acadia Shores and The CAT Ferry.