With all the tornadoes and floods ripping across the country right now, I'm hard pressed to say a little rain makes for "bad weather." It's all part of spring in the Northeast: temps varying from 80 degrees to 45 in a few days, and that's just here on the Valley floor!

Outdoor enthusiasts come to the area to challenge themselves on the slopes of Mount Washington year round. Even on what seems to be a fine spring day, your luck can quickly turn.

Check out this insane YouTube video from The Weather Channel that shows just how extreme the weather can get on Mount Washington!

For life saving tips on how to prepare for a trip up the slopes, by foot, coach, car or Cog, be sure to visit theheartofnewengland.com and outdoors.org. And you can register your hiking party with the folks at the AMC!

Be safe, be smart, be prepared, and you will have the experience and views of a lifetime!

Can you imagine being the guy at the summit that has to climb our broadcast tower to clear off the ice??!

Happy hiking!