Having trouble figuring out what to be this Halloween?

Since I was a little girl I have always loved Halloween. The only time it is appropriate to be someone else for a day. Then, run to other people's homes to get all the candy you could ever want! My trick-or-treating days are long gone but, I still celebrate every year. Last year I was a Daenerys Targaryen the Queen of Dragons from 'Game of Thrones'. This year I have decided to go traditional and be a Vampire. I have never been one before because I have always taken great pride being something that no one else will be. Other notable costumes I have worn before are She-Ra, a Homeless person, The Tardis, Zombie Miley Cyrus, a Playboy Bunny, Zombie Prom Queen, and a few others that aren't really appropriate to tell you about! LOL

So, if you are stuck for an idea and you really love Maine; try these on for size. Represent Maine this Halloween.

What are you gonna be for Halloween?


Dunkin Donuts


Pennywise from 'IT'




Lobster & Fisherman