Believe it or not country music is taking over Maine. Next stomping grounds will be in Windham, Maine in this new country bar!

This is HUGE! Get ready, a new country bar is setting up shop in Windham, Maine. This honky tonk joint is Erik's Church! See what they did with the clever name there? Erik's Church is promising to be the place for country fans to dance to their favorite songs, enjoy cold beverages of the adult variety, local and national acts, and good ole American food. Currently on their website, Instagram and Facebook there is not specific opening date. But, it will open this year. I LOVE their moto:

Erik’s Church, opening in 2018, is Southern Maine’s Premiere Country music lounge. Country music’s resurgence in today’s culture is a reflection on the timeless and wholesome values Americans have always cherished;


God, family, and country.


The community at Erik’s Church believes in those ideals, and it has a good time while doing so. So if the Church is open, come on in and see what fun times are in store for you.

I will most certainly drink to that! Cheers and keep an eye out for when Erik's Church is open for business! See you on the dance floor!