Usually no one likes getting a ticket from a police officer, but kids in Yarmouth are being surprised when an officer gives them a "positive ticket."

Casco Bay CAN, an organization that works to help prevent substance abuse among youths and Handy's Yarmouth got together to give the Yarmouth Police department  "Positive Tickets." When an officer sees kids being safe or doing good deeds, they could get a positive ticket that includes a gift card to Handy's.

When young Zion was spotted by newly sworn in Chief Daniel Gallant riding his scooter while wearing a helmet, the Chief handed him a positive ticket. Sweet Batman shirt Zion!

Yarmouth Police Department


Officer Shawn Miles gave Steven a positive tickets for volunteering to help paint booths for the Yarmouth Clam Festival this week. Here is with Officer Miles, his positive ticket and paint roller.


Yarmouth Police Department

So be on the lookout in Yarmouth. If your child is spotted by officers doing things like these kids, they might be getting a positive ticket.