Need to restore your faith in humanity this week? Or, I guess you could say dog-manity? This dog is a true hero and risked his life to safe a young deer off the coast of Long Island, NY.

I came across this incredible video on my Facebook news feed, and just had to share it with you. My love of animals is an obsession really. I am that person that will be walking down the street with you, see a dog, and forget you are there. I change my voice to talk to the dog, and get the biggest smile on my face. I recently overheard a little girl at Willard Beach talking while she was petting Fancy. And she said, 'dogs are the most innocent beings on earth'. I would have to agree.

This dog saw a young deer drowning off the coast of Long Island, NY and just had to save it. This video is so beautiful, and please share it with others. Thank you Fox News for sharing.