Country artists and their fans. It’s a relationship you don’t find anywhere else in music. We have a place where you can experience your favorite country artists and the rising stars of Nashville like you never have before.

Welcome to WOKQ Sessions 2019, produced by Newburyport Bank.

We've got live, intimate, and up-close performances in the heart of your favorite Seacoast radio station.

Here's a quick list of WOKQ Sessions 2019 shows so far:

Listen for your exclusive invite to be a part of the next WOKQ Sessions. We may even pick you to hang in our artist lounge for some one-on-one time with the act. Invites to WOKQ Sessions will typically feature complimentary lunch and soft drinks.

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WOKQ Sessions 2019

Wednesday, October 2 - Rodney Atkins

Friday, September 13 - Joseph Gallant

Tuesday, August 6 - Noah Schnacky

Monday, July 15 - Teddy Robb

Thursday, July 11 - Stephanie Quayle

Photos: Stephanie Quayle performs WOKQ Sessions

Thursday, May 16 - Drew Baldridge

Saturday, May 11 - Cale Dodds

Saturday, May 11 - Riley Green

Thursday, April 11 - Dylan Scott

Photos: Dylan Scott Performs During WOKQ Sessions

Tuesday, March 26 - Caylee Hammack

Photos: Caylee Hammack Performs During WOKQ Sessions

Tuesday, March 26 - Brandon Ratcliff

Article: Brandon Ratcliff Swings By WOKQ and We Learned Lots About Him

Photos: Brandon Ratcliff Performs During WOKQ Sessions

Saturday, March 23 - Filmore

Article: Behind the Scenes of WOKQ Sessions With Rising Star Filmore

Photos: Filmore Performs During WOKQ Sessions

Monday, March 18 - Seaforth

Article: Seaforth Swung By WOKQ to Play Their New Song 'Love That'

Photos: Seaforth Performs During WOKQ Sessions

Tuesday, March 12 - Waterloo Revival

Photos: Waterloo Revival Performs During WOKQ Sessions

Tuesday, Jan. 29 - Tenille Arts

Photos: Tenille Arts Performs During WOKQ Sessions

Don't miss out on performances unlike any other. And be sure to check back for new videos and artists.