Country Music artists, fans, victims, family, friends and you will never be the same after the horrific Rt 91 Country Music Harvest Fest shooting. But, how much will you let this terrifying event change you? 


Loving country music means you are in the family and family sticks together. Our nation is mourning last Sunday's hellish events that took place at the Rt 91 Country Music Harvest Fest in Las Vegas. Our hearts are breaking for those that were lost in this senseless act, their family, friends and the many that were able to escape. We as a family are picking up the pieces, and trying to heal. It will take some time. And, as time moves on, this tragic event will NEVER be forgotten. This shooting will stay with all of us in different ways. Those affected are changed forever and it will be a long journey for them to heal. For me and you not at this event, and witnessing it on the news and media outlets; how much has it changed us?

Will you continue to go to county music concerts/festivals? 

For myself, I can say ABSOLUTELY I will still be going to my favorite country artists' shows. I refuse to be afraid, but I will most definitely be more aware of my surroundings at these concerts. I will not let this madman's actions win. How about you?