Christmas just got a little easier AGAIN thanks to Amazon!

Well, I don't like to admit or face it but, the holidays are coming. The time of year where family gathers together in perfect harmony and enjoys the holiday spirit. Part of the traditions of the holidays to go venture out to find THE perfect tree. Then, you pay for it, strap it to the top of your car, haul it into your home, decorate it, and then guard it from your cat for about 30 or more days. Boy, to me that sounds like a lot of work. So, you could be like me and just get a fake one from Walmart with lights already in it. But, if you are a die hard real tree person that doesn't want or have the time to go pick one out; Amazon is here to rescue you!

According to, Amazon will begin to sale 7 foot tall Christmas trees to be delivered right to your door step. Price for this tree of love is $115 and will be shipped to you no later than 10 days after it was chopped down. They will also offer wreaths for $50 and plants for $25. You can use your Prime membership as well for free delivery and they will be available starting in November.

So, what do you think? Will you give up your tradition for convenience?