You know, sometimes stories come along in the news and in my life that are just 'not normal'. And, I shake my head, and say 'What the Crap Man'?!

I feel like I live in Antarctica this week!

True story, winter comes every year. And each year I am becoming more and more adapted to the snow and cold temperatures. 'Normal' winter temperatures like in the low 30's to mid 20's. But this cold crap going on right now is NOT normal.

WMTW Channel 8's Meteorologist Sarah Long says that most the North Country of NH is getting 'well below' 0 temperatures with wind gusts that feel like it is 40 below. Guess I have no room to complain when it's only 0 degrees when I wake up and come into work. Jeezum Crow!

Every time the temperatures bottom out like this in the winter, I revisit the ole question of 'Why do I stay in Maine?'. Am I a complete idiot? Do I like to torture myself? Or maybe I am just too plain lazy to start over again somewhere in a warmer climate. What is wrong with me?

So yes, here it is completely normal to whine and cry when you are outside, because not just anyone can stand this frozen tundra. It's what makes us tough, and strong people. But hey, if you have enough Allen's Coffee Brandy, you won't feel the cold anymore.

So I say 'what the crap man' to winter. Then I will continue to patiently wait until July when old man winter is lying in dormant.

There is one thing to carry along with you this week while you are trying to fend off frost bite; remember, this WILL end. You just have to wait for the next 5 months for it to.

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