The Bloody Mary is a staple to any breakfast or brunch outing. I used to always order a Mimosa, then one day, I decided to try a Bloody Mary. Now, kinda freaked me out, because I was drinking something, but I felt like I was eating something at the same time! But after that, I have been hooked since. And, it seems that there is a secret 'Bloody Club', because, they are definitely an acquired taste. Added bonus, 'bloodies' are also known to help a mean hangover. Although, they are not for everyone, you should at least give a bloody a try in your life. Then, at any brunch, you can raise your bloody, and nod to they guy a few tables over; because he gets it.

Bloody Mary's have become a fun, funky cocktail to many bars and restaurants in Maine. And, the wilder, the better! Check out these epic Bloody Marys and happy drinking!

Brian Brou, 57 Center St, Portland

The Hangover Destroyer-complete with a cheeseburger slider for garnish.

Brian Boru


The Royal River Grill House, 106 Lafayette St, Yarmouth Maine

It's like a snow globe from where I'm sitting! Come relax after shoveling with brunch and Bloody Mary's at the Grillhouse. You know you and your back deserve it after all that hard work!

Posted by Royal River Grillhouse on Sunday, December 15, 2013


 Little Tap House, 106 High St, Portland

Bloody Mary Sunday // 11am - 3pm :: Absolut Peppar, house spicy mix, house-pickled asparagus, fresh citrus.

Posted by Little Tap House on Sunday, January 31, 2016


East Ender, 47 Middle St, Portland


Buck's Naked BBQ, 50 Wharf St, Portland


Silly's with a Twist, 40 Washington Ave, Portland 

Build your Own Bloody