Face it, TB12 can't stay young forever. But, what else could he become the GOAT at after he retires? 

Football season is back and we are so stoked to see the boys comeback from break and kick butt. As fans, we want to think that The Patriots are coming into this season with a vendetta. To win back what is ours!

The G.O.A.T Tom Brady is looking better than ever at the ripe old age of 41 and he has no plans of stopping. In fact, he is shooting to stay on the field until he is 45. THIS would be amazing to watch and at the same time nail biting. I think we all worry for him and have our own rituals we do for each game to keep TB12 protected. But, inevitably, Brady will have to retire. This will be a sad day for all Patriots nation for sure. Now, it's not happening yet but, what would you see Tom Brady going on to do for a job? Coach? Sportscaster? Fitness guru? Health food chef? Model? His options will be endless. But, I have my idea on what he should do after football.

Tom Brady should be a movie star! Watch this video of all his commercials he has done over the years and you tell me. Wouldn't he be a great actor? Maybe the next James Bond? Or, hot guy doctor on a TV show? Instead of McDreamy, he could be McYummy?!

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