Ever traveled somewhere and ate the greatest meal ever at a restaurant you never knew existed? Do you dream of that meal often?


As LePage says 'Maine is open for business' and that means lots of yummy independent restaurants to dine at. Don't get me wrong, I have had some of the most amazing meals of my life in Portland. I am proud to support local vendors and eating establishments. When you travel away from Maine the restaurant landscape is quite different usually. You will see those restaurants that you see in commercials all the time, but don't exist in Maine. You find yourself drooling as you watch those commercials, then you want to eat there, but sadly they are miles away.

So, I put together my dream list of restaurants that I wish were in Maine.

Do you have a restaurant in mine that you would love to dine at close to home?


5. Waffle House. Driving in the south, there is one off every exit. Good for late nights and their chili is good on anything!


4. California Pizza Kitchen. They created the first BBQ Chicken Pizza in 1985 and it is heaven. Thai Crunch Salad is my fav.


3. White Castle. Many nights after concerts in Nashville we had to stop here. Those tiny burgers are what dreams are made of. And, the frozen ones in stores do not do it justice.


2. In-N-Burger. When I went to San Francisco, California to visit an old friend I told her this was the place I had to go to. I was not disappointed!


1. Sonic-America's Drive In. I grew up with one right in my town. Burgers are the bomb and their onion rings have a little vanilla in the batter that makes them addictive. Best slushies ever!