You know, sometimes stories come along in the news that are just 'not normal'. And, I shake my head, and say 'What the Crap Man'?!

For me 'What the crap Man' can have multiple meanings. This time, it means that I am completely amazed by a man's story of survival after the big wind storm.

Channel 3 WCAX has reported this remarkable story of survival. Last Sunday's big wind storm has devastated most of New England, and that's an understatement. You think you have had it bad not having power for 5 days now. Well, this man's story will make you be a bit more thankful for what you have been through. Moretown, Vermont resident Anthony Kessler was sound asleep in his Yurt when the wind storm barreled in. The wind gusts around his place uprooted a tree that feel on him in his bed.  He was pinned under this tree for 12 hours. He said he survived by meditating through the pain, and fighting his mind from seeing his death. Anthony was eventually rescued, and it took 2 hours for people to get the tree off of him.

So, remember, things could ALWAYS be worse. And, I hope your power comes back on soon.