You know, sometimes stories come along in the news that are just 'not normal'. And, I shake my head, and say 'What the Crap Man'?!


Looks like the rich win again.

I have lived in Maine for 13 years now, and I miss being able to live in Portland. I had a studio alone about 4 years ago and it was $600 a month, heat and hot water included. But then, my apartment building was bought, and the new landlord was set to up the rent on me. Now, my same apartment is probably going for $850 a month. So yesterday, voters could have decided to have rent control to help people actually be able to live in town. Ya know, those that don't have a 6 figure paying job like you and me. The ones that indulge in Ramen Noodles a few times a week. Which, what are these jobs in Portland that pay well?

No, instead landlords will be able to keep sucking us dry of our paychecks. And, looks like I am moving to Buxton......scary. (no offense Buxtoners).

#theywantmymoney #whatthecrapman #noonecanaffordthis

Thank you for the voter results WCSH Channel 6.