You know, sometimes stories come along in the news that are just 'not normal'. And, I shake my head, and say 'What the Crap Man'?!

Seaweed is Yuck! But, apparently to some, it's not.

WCSH Channel 6 is reporting that there is a fight amongst beachfront owners and seaweed harvesters. Who owns the seaweed? In fact, it has become a legal battle, and it's headed for a ruling from the Maine Supreme Court. Fun fact, harvesting seaweed has become a $20 million dollar industry. Seaweed can be found in foods, cosmetics, fertilizers, and for chemicals. The problem is, people that own beachfront property say their seaweed is theirs. Harvesters say that the seaweed along the coast of Maine is owned by the people, so they can harvest it whereever they want. Now, there has already been 1 ruling in favor of the property owners. But, for that ruling to stand, it needs to also be approved by the Maine Supreme Court.

Now, all I know is, seaweed is so gross. When I am at my favorite beach, Crescent Beach in Cape; I make noises and funny faces when I have to step on the seaweed! The worst is when you are in the water, and it rubs up against your leg! Because I always immediately scream, and think it's a shark. I say if you want the seaweed that bad, just take it. Hey beachfront owners, those harvesters are doing you a favor! Who wouldn't love a seaweed free beach?

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