THIS is why you don't do drugs! 

This is an unfortunate tale of a 'trip' gone wrong. And, I am in NO WAY making light of this story. It's just too bizarre not to share.

According to, Kittery Police got a call from a concerned citizen last Saturday night. The citizen drove by a gentleman on the side of the road and they believed he as up to no good. So, Lt. John Desjardins headed out to Wilson road to find out just what was going on.

When he arrived he came upon a man who seemed to be 'dazed and confused,' according to the article. His name is Jared Lafleche, and he was pulled over on the side of the road. reported that Desjardins could immediately see that this man was under the influence of something, but what? Come to find out, Lefleche was allegedly on a psychedelic high from eating mushrooms. And, once Desjardins began to look more, according to the article, he found that a dead cat.

Lafleche was arrested and has been charged with killing his cat.

Poor cat, that makes me upset.

What the crap man?! So terrible and just plain weird.