You know, sometimes stories come along in the news that are just 'not normal'. And, I shake my head, and say 'What the Crap Man'?!

This storm blew in and left us in a big ole mess. I am surprised none of the local news outlets haven't given this storm a name. But, I am pretty sure we all have names for this storm that we can't say on the radio. Unfortunately, the TV weather forecasters were right this time. This mega storm dethroned the havoc of the Ice Storm of 1998, with more power outages, flooding and damage. Why does the sky hate us so much?! I only imagine how much you have cussed at the gas station lines, generators, cellphones and insurance companies. If you listen really hard, you can hear a collective 'Blank you' from all of New England. Power outages will be lasting for days, your kids are out of school, all your food in the fridge is dunzo; you have every right to be livid. Hey storm, you sucked and still do! And, you ruined Halloween too!

So, just remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your anger and ill feelings about this Halloween mega storm. Shake you fist at the air as much as you need to, and hopefully 'Mother Nature' will get the message!

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