Easter Sunday this year falls on April 16th. You've seen all the Easter candy on the shelves at the grocery store since the day after Valentine's day. Do you have one Easter candy you just have to devour each year? Every year I MUST have one Cadbury Egg. And, it has to be the original, not one of those different flavor ones they make nowadays. That goes to be true with my second favorite Easter candy, Peeps. Such sugary goodness, and people tend to have some fun putting Peeps in funny scenarios.

What is your favorite Easter Candy?



According to Women's Day magazine, here are the Top 10 Best Easter Candies: 

10. Bunny Corn


9. Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs


8. Hersey's Eggs


7. Chocolate Bunnies


6. M&M's 


5. Jelly Belly Beans


4. Reese's Mini Chocolate Easter Eggs


3. Peeps


2. Cadbury Creme Egg


1. Cadbury Mini Candy Eggs