A new relationship is SO exciting! Getting to know each other, flirting, showing off the best parts of your body, and talking about how awesome you are. In the beginning, meaning the first month or so, you are a 'plastic' kinda you. Then, after the 'new' part ends, you get into the deep level of intimacy. Your significant other and you start to show the 'real' side of yourselves. And, for most of us, that is scary! Showing your 'gross' side. Like, how your feet stink really bad, you pick your nose like a champ, and the BIG one......farting in front of each other. But, don't worry, because really, this is when relationships get good!

Among men and woman, there is a big stigma on when to show your 'human' side to your significant other. And, the big one is: When do you fart in front of each other? According to Elite Daily, farting, in front of your significant other is a healthy thing to do. Once both parties have 'the conversation' and acknowledging that all humans 'do it', if breaks down a barrier. We all fart and use the bathroom, and having that talk is imperative in breaking down stereotypes, and make bowel movements 'not a big deal'. So don't be afraid to 'poot with pride' with your love!

To have a lasting relationship, you have to share everything. You have to embrace each others flaws, every idiosyncrasy, every irritating habit. And that includes every fart.

Happy Valentine's Day!