Valentines Day is one week away. And if you've been a little less than spectacular in the romance department's your chance to make up for it. Sure you can go the romantic dinner, roses, and candy route...or you can decide to step outside the box this year and really turn up the heat. It's up to you...but if you're only romantic with your significant other when Hallmark tells you...maybe it's time to up your game.

In New Hampshire, stuffed animals seem to be a popular gift. Maybe it's holding a heart that says, I Love You. While stuffed animals are nice when you're 12 years old...I'm guessing most adults wouldn't be so impressed.

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Who knew Mainers were so fond of romantic. They Googled poet Robert Burns. I guess they'll get set the mood and recite sweet verse next to the fire place next week.

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Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, they'll fire up the stove and prepare a romantic meal. I guess that'll do until they can get over to Fenway Park for a Fenway Frank or a slice of Papa Ginos.

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Whatever you decide to do for the love of your life, put some thought into it. Make it special, make it memorable. Remember what made you fall in love with them. And if you can't do better make it expensive.

Maybe this will help get the creative juices flowing. Here's a map of what people all over the United States are Googling as they look to do the same.

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