With Super Bowl 50 coming on Sunday, I got to thinking about why I watch the Big Game. It's an American Event! It doesn't really matter what teams are playing, we all watch. My favorite part is seeing the awesome commercials, and the huge spectacle of the Halftime Show. So, why hasn't a Country Artist played the Super Bowl Halftime in the last 13 years?

Country music is the fastest, and most popular genre of music in America. To me, it makes no sense at all to NOT have a Country Artist play the Super Bowl HalfTime show. Shania Twain was the last Country Artist to play the Half-Time show, in 2003. In the history of the Super Bowl, there has only been 8 Country Artists that have performed.

Country Artists that have performed for the Super Bowl Halftime Show

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During Super Bowl XXIV in New Orleans, the 40th Anniversary of Peanuts was the theme and famous country fiddler Doug Kershaw did participate in the entertainment.

2. Rockin Country Sunday Super Bowl XXVII

During Super Bowl XXVIII Country Music ruled and rocked! Some of the biggest names in the genre at that time including Wynonna, Travis Tritt, Clint Black, and Tanya Tucker. Imagine who it would be performing if they did a modern Rockin’ Country Sunday!

3. Shania Twain Super Bowl XXXVII

Shania Twain who kicked off the Super Bowl halftime show in 2003. She did two of her biggest hits to that point “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” and “Up!” She did not own the whole show however. She was joined by ‘No Doubt’ and ‘Sting.’ Shania is the last country artist to perform at the big game.

The NFL chooses the music artist they want to offer the chance to play the Halftime show. Once they offer the opportunity to the artist, in order for them to play, they must pay the NFL a handsome fee. So I say that next year, we country fans rise together to support our favorite Country Artist to rock the Super Bowl!