Some say that every person in the world has a doppelganger. THIS is straight up evidence of that!

It is so fascinating to me that somewhere out there in the world, I have a doppelganger. Every once in a while I will have someone call me and ask if I am at a certain place. I say 'no, why?'.ย  They answer with 'oh, I could've swore that I just saw you.'. So weird.

Have you ever seen your 'twin'? Would it freak you out if you did?

Yesterday on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Kelly showed Ryan Seacrest his doppelganger and he just so happens to be a pitcher for the Red Sox. That pitcher is Joe Kelly and he is a fighter if you remember! So, of course they did the side by side comparison. Take a look at it. Do you see the resemblance? I do big time!!