Check out the amazing Moose rescue that happened this week in Columbia, Maine. Two shed hunters found her stuck in a spring. Then Maine Game Warden Bayley Grant and Scott Osgood jumped into action:

“The moose had fallen into a spring hole, and had sunk right up to her shoulders, and she couldn’t get out,” said Grant, who said her hind legs were stuck on some roots.

Grabbing a large wooden stick, Wardens Grant and Osgood were able to get the moose’s front legs out of the mud, which enabled them to get the large rope under and around her so they could try and free her.

“We first tried to haul her out with the four wheeler, but it became clear she was too stuck for that,” said Grant. “We then hung the come-along on a cedar tree, and started to winch her out.”

The rescue was slow-going but eventually, they freed this giant beauty..

According to the  MDIFW Facebook page:

“She sat down once she realized she was still attached. We were able to get close, and cut the rope, and she stood right up and took off,” said Grant.

Seeing the moose take off assured Wardens Grant and Osgood that the moose hadn’t been stuck long, likely less than 8 hours according to Grant. A follow up search a little later for the moose didn’t turn up a thing, assuring the wardens that the moose was doing well."

Never heard of Columbia? It's right off Route 1.

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Way to go guys!