Spring is here, and it's time to get your dog cleaned up, and into their spring coat! If you look at your pup, and don't recognize him/her, it's time for a good grooming. Before I got back into radio, I was a dog groomer for a bit. One thing I learned is that the more matted up your dog is, the more they are in pain. Because their hair is so matted, it is actually pulling their skin too. That can cause bruising, and redness. Groomers recommend getting your dog, with longer hair, groomed every 6-8 weeks.

Yelp.com is a website designed to provide reviews for many different establishments near you. And, the reviews are from real people that actually have been or used these establishments.

Here are the top 10 Best Dog Groomers in Maine according to Yelp:


10. The Pet Stop, 5 Chambers Ave, South Portland

Amazing staff. Amazing haircut on my pooch. Will never go anywhere else!! My dog loves this place!!!!


9. Roscoes Bed and Bank, 121 Hutchins Dr, Portland

Roscoe's is my pup's home away from home!  Our family moved to Portland a few months ago and have been searching for the perfect place for our Goldendoodle, Neyland, to have some playdates and overnight stays.  After many not so pleasant experiences at other facilities around town, we have finally found the perfect place in Roscoe's.  "Wanna go to Roscoe's?" is becoming one of our pet's favorite things to hear!


8. All Breed Dog and Cat Grooming, 71 Longwood Dr, Portland

All Breed Dog & Cat Grooming

7. Forest Ave Veterinary Hospital, 973 Forest Ave, Portland

They are amazing and go above and beyond.  You can tell they really care about their patients and the people who love them.  Top notch!!  Been going to this practice for almost ten years and always awesome!


6. You Dirty Dog Wash & Boutique, 85 Western Ave, South Portland

I really love this place. More importantly, my dog loves this place!  The owners are helpful and engaging. They are there to help and support you if you are like myself, a do it  yourself  dog washer. The parking is great, the owners are friendly, and my dog is happy! How can you go wrong.


5. Port Grooming & Pet Care Center, 472 Ocean St, South Portland

The owners are so nice! I brought my basset hound to lots of other places to get his nails clipped and not one other groomer made my dog feel okay. It is in and out nail service, he barely knows it even happened. The service in general is just awesome.


4. Dog Loft Grooming Salon, 119 Bishop St, Portland


I've always had good experiences with the Dog Loft for grooming. They are nice to work with and do a great job.


3. Planet Dog, 211 Marginal Way, Portland

This review is specific to the grooming services offered at this store. I have been having my little fur ball groomed here for more than 5 years. For the entire time, she has had her hair cut by the same lovely lady - Michelle! I can't say enough kind things about her. She is a great groomer, kind animal lover, and a warm hearted person in general. Before finding Planet Dog, Zoey went to several different groomers - some of which I actually left fearing Zoey's well being. Here, I know she is in good hands and actually enjoys her visit - as much as she can. And, Michelle goes above and beyond - giving me a head's up if she notices any signs of potential health issues. Lastly, Zoey is clean, fresh, and adorable after a visit here. What more could you ask for??


2. Purple Paw Grooming Shoppe, 570 Brighton Ave, Portland

It's always so hard to find a great groomer when you move to a new place...
They did a faaaaabulous job on our Cockapoo.  He probably hadn't been groomed in 4months since it was so cold outside we didn't want him to be shaved short. He has a LOT of tangles and matting even after I dematted him for hours. She kept as much hair as she could and he looked PERFECT! My favorite puppy cut so far.  Pricing was fair too they quoted us at $60 and that's what we paid... Even though it should have been more for how long they had to spend with him. Would DEFINITELY recommend this place to dogs with hard to manage hair! So happy with the results!


1. The Dog Wash Etc, 1037 Forest Ave, Portland

I have wanted to post for Dog Wash Etc for a while but didn't have a yelp account.  I have moved out of state but still wanted to give a big shout out to them.  I used them for 6 years for my personal pooch Penny and also for 4 rescue dogs my business fostered and then adopted out.  They are the best.  The prices are totally comparable to large chain stores (I honestly don't know how they do it) and they will take the time to help you with anything.  Bought everything there from leashes to food to toys...everything.  And the DIY doggy wash station are excellent.  In reading one of the posts below...there can't be stronger blow dryers it would not be good for many dogs and the ones at Dog Wash Etc are standard or better than most.  Please support local business...this is a business that has worked very hard to serve the community in non-capitalistic way.  We need more of these businesses for everything :)