According to WMUR, Ashley Arnold is a 27-year-old stay at home mom from Idaho completing her sociology degree online at SNHU.

Ashley was given the assignment to compare American social norms to that of another country and she chose Australia. When she handed in her paper she realized she received zero percent on part of the grading rubric because according to her professor, "Australia is not a country". Yikes

Australia is both a continent and a country so that Professor was just a wee bit confused. It happens! She is a human being and we all make mistakes. However, if she had a shadow of a doubt, Google is a beautiful tool to help you not look like a fool. (which she did because the story went viral on Buzzfeed)

My favorite part of this ordeal is probably the tweet that SNHU sent out announcing that the professor had been replaced:

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!