Maine has a million terrific places to go camping, hiking, and boating, but one camping location in Vacationland was named one of America's best!

According to Thrillist, Cutler Coast Preserve was named one of the best places to go camping in the entire country!

From the description on Trillist:

Campsites in Acadia National Park proper were really close to claiming a spot on the list. Then we stumbled on the Fairy Head camp areas along the Bold Coast -- a two-hour drive past the popular Acadia camp spots. Points in favor of this being one of the best camp spots in the whole country? Cobblestone hiking paths, Atlantic-jutting, camp-able rock ledges, direct access to beach chilling, and few-to-no other people. Pro-tip: camp in late summer for less bug harassment and killer, in-season Maine blueberries from nearby farms.

The video above, shot by Robert Ferraro on YouTube, has this description:

We hiked along the Inland & Coastal trails of this spectacular preserve in Washington County, Maine, near the town of Cutler. The rugged coastline is completely undeveloped, with 100ft high cliffs and a beautiful spruce forest. It is about 1 mile from the parking area along Rt. 191 to the ocean & about 4 miles of trail along the coast to Fairy Head.