Have you ever taken your dog on a vacation before?


I took this picture of Fancy a few months after I got her. This is at Bug Light Park in South Portland and it was the perfect day. I took my little baby girl on a day adventure and she loved it. Look at her posing!  LOL

In our part of the country we treat our dogs as part of the family. In fact, I call Fancy my child in lieu of a real child. More than ever people are choosing to have dogs as their constant companion. Forgoing children, a boyfriend or girlfriend. The older I am getting, I am understanding this phenomenon. Dogs give you unconditional love. They aren't going to cheat on you, break your heart, or cause you stress. They meet you at your door when you get home from work every time with a wagging tail.

Now the lady in this video loves her fur baby SO much she took Harry to Maine for an adventure. She coined Maine as the 'Dog Mom Paradise'! Check out all the fun they had!