Annie and the Peak Lunch Box Office will be making you a desperate man/woman to see the Chief! 

Sorry for the bad joke, I just had to do it!

It's your gal Annie Snook and I am beyond stoked for Eric Church's new album coming out next Friday and his tour to follow. He will be playing at the Boston Garden February 1st and 2nd next year. Not sure if the Garden will be standing after that! This will be the hottest tour of 2019 and we know you want to go. Right?

Listen weekdays at noon for the week of October 1st. When you hear me crack open the Peak Lunch Box Office anytime that hour you gots to hop on the phone and call to win. If you are the 3rd caller at 844-657-1037, your A*% will be in a seat at the Garden watching the Chief either on February 1st or 2nd. That is because Annie has tickets to BOTH SHOWS! 

Be sure to download our mobile app too so you can take us anywhere you go!

Good Luck!!