Are you seeking a new sport to keep you busy until the Red Sox head to Spring training? Want a sport that is challenging, and makes you really use your head? Then you need to try 'Head Table Tennis'!

Created in Germany, 'Headis' involves using no other body part than your head. You hit the ball to your opponent with your head, across the small net, until one of you misses. And, people want to play! It is now played in 20 universities—and is growing in popularity in other parts of Europe as well, particularly among soccer players and skateboarders. About 2,000 Headis balls, which are softer than soccer balls, were sold in 2014, compared with a total of 1,300 in 2013.

Seems like a fun game to play 'Upta Camp' this summer with the family! Here's 'Headis' in action!


Would you play?