What is your favorite trail to go ATV adventuring on?

The first time I went to Berlin, NH was a few years back and I noticed people driving their ATV's on the roads. As if they were cars! I was a bit confused really. Then, I asked a gentleman at the remote I was doing about what I was seeing. He proceeded to tell me that driving your ATV on the streets is perfectly legal. In fact, there was an ATV there, so he took me for a bit of a joy ride! We went downtown, then he took me by Cascade Falls. Then, I got a full understanding for WHY ya'll love ATVing!

Well, Stepoutside.com has named 5 Best ATV trails in America to take during fall foliage season. And, drum roll please.......Ride the Wildest was number one on the list! With it's 1,000+ miles of trails all linked together through Coos County. Congrats on the nod and happy trails!


Have you been on the Ride the Wilds trails?