So here we are. It's getting into mid January, winter is in full force, and the Presidential Inauguration is this Friday. The way some of us live our lives is on the brink of change, and that can be stressful. On top of working your job and taking care of the kids. Am I hitting a sore spot for you yet? In fact, today is considered 'Blue Monday', the most depressing day of the year. It's the third Monday in January, and we are coming down from our 'holiday high'; back to reality. For us in Maine and New Hampshire, warm weather will be here in May. (cross your fingers) Summer feels SO far away. How about breaking up your winter with the ULTIMATE hotel adventure? It's closer than you think!


Adventure Suites in North Conway is a fantasy getaway. It's a theme hotel, meaning every single room is unique, and decorated for that motif. Rooms like the 1970s Love Shack, Ancient Rome, The Jungle, Treehouse, Wine Cellar; there are so many fun ways to stay. They are not a chain hotel, and are family owned. Take a tour through the Adventure Suites and start planning your 'life escape'! I want to go to here! Click here to check out reviews.