We all have our favorite TV shows. We even get pretty passionate about them too! So, what are the best TV shows ever?

We all have our favorite TV shows we are die hard fans of for sure. We NEVER miss an episode. The shows we grew up watching, that shaped our lives. Now with Netflix, our favorite shows are binge worthy! You can find me most nights, at home, on the couch, watching Netflix. That's my relax time. TV has been a huge part of our lives!

The Hollywood Reporter surveyed 2,800 TV industry people to put together the Top 100 Best TV shows Ever. This list was determined by the people that create and act in your favorite shows. So let's see if you agree with this list, and take a walk down memory lane!

Here are the honorable mentions:

Hollywood's 100 Favorite TV Shows


100. Desperate Houswives

98. Family Ties

96. Everybody Loves Raymond

93. The Brady Bunch

85. Law and Order

82. Gilligan's Island

79. Sesame Street

76. Full House

75. Doctor Who

71 Saved By the Bell

67. Moonlighting

65 Family Guy

62. Bewitched

58. How I Met Your Mother

56. The Wonder Years

54. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

50. Freaks and Geeks

48. The Golden Girls

45. Homeland

43. Carol Burnett Show

41. Happy Days

39. All in the Family

35. Star Trek

32. Parks and Recreation

29. Six Feet Under

25. The Big Bang Theory

23. Cheers

20. Twin Peaks

17. The Twilight Zone

12. Sex and The City

10. The Simpsons

8. I Love Lucy

7. Saturday Night Live

6. The Sopranos

5. Seinfeld

4. Game of Thrones

3. The X-Files

2. Breaking Bad

1. Friends


Do you agree? What are your favorite TV shows?