Most hated animal of 2018: Squirrels. 

Summer of 2018 will forever be known for 'The Great Squirrel Epidemic'. My heart has been saddened all summer long driving anywhere on a squirrel graveyard. I am proud to say that I did not take the life of a squirrel this summer. Can you say that?

Now, not only has it been a continuous squirrel massacre on the roads; they have been causing chaos and destruction too! Farmers in Maine and New Hampshire are saying that their fall crops are being eaten up by these furry little brats! They are making meals out of farmers livelihoods for the fall. And, they are not picky eaters munching on everything from apples to gourds. This has taken it's toll on one farm in New Hampshire. RIP Pumpkin patches at Devriendt Farm in Groveton.

Sadly, for this farm the squirrels recruited turkeys and chipmunks to the buffet!