Really?! There is no need for this. Keep it classy Boston.

History was made once again for the Boston Red Sox and another World Series win. I watched the games here and there but, I honestly feel like this was the easiest win ever! The red carpet was rolled out for the boys and they most definitely did some damage. Then after the win comes the celebration in Kenmore Square. I have had my experience celebrating there back in 2004. I lived in Boston for 3 years before moving to Maine and I was so lucky to see the Sox kill it. I totally jumped on the Red Sox bandwagon being from Tennessee. I would see people in the grocery store with a Yankee's hat on and would give them the mega 'stink eye'. And yes, I am fully aware that I have not been a true fan like you that suffered for many years. But, in my defense, I was in the thick of it! So, me and my roommates were out at a bar in Boston, can't remember which on; you can imagine why. My roommate had a boyfriend that lived right there in Kenmore Square. We headed to his place, all 4 of us had our own bottle of champagne, and we drank for a good 3 hours on his stoop giving high fives to everyone that walked by. It is by far one of the most epic things I have ever experienced in my life.

Flash forward to last night's win and the scene at Kenmore Square was per usual after a win. But, you know that has always got to be that one guy that has to be dumb enough to get arrested. Boston Police say he is the one arrest they had to make last night. What the crap man?! Thank you to WBZ/CBS Boston for the video and story. #idiot