Warm weather is here, and time to get weird!? Beyond the beautiful mountains, trails, and beaches to visit in Maine this summer, there are some not so normal things to see too. There are those rainy days, when doing activities outside with the kids isn't happening. So, here are a few strange and bizarre places to go and see when being outside this summer is not an option!


International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine

This museum is for all ages, and it's the study of hidden or unknown animals. Such as Big Foot, Yetis, and Lake Monsters. In 2014, it was voted in Time Magazine as one of the 'Ten Weirdest Museums in the World'. Affordable as well. Click here to get information.


Stephen King's House in Bangor, Maine

Author Stephen King is know for his sick and twisted books and stories; that we happen to love and are proud of. He is a man from Maine, and still has a home in Bangor. Anytime, you can drive by and check it out. But, be warned, it IS creepy!


The Desert of Maine Freeport, Maine

This is a 40-acre plot of land that was originally supposed to be used for farming in the late 1700's. But, unfortunately the land was no longer used, and mother nature took over. It is so weird to see a desert in the middle of the greenest state in America.


Umbrella Cover Museum in Portland, Maine

Located on Peaks Island, this unique museum celebrates, well, the umbrella. Specifically, the umbrella cover. Musician Nancy Hoffman started the museum in 1996 after finding 5-7 umbrella covers in her closet one day. She then began to collect them, and now has 700 covers from 44 different countries!


Boon Island Light in York, Maine

This is the tallest lighthouse, that stands on an island in New England. It also has a 'checked' past. A British Merchant ship crashed on the island in 1710, and due to it's location; rescue was difficult to signal for. Therefore, the survivors had to last on the island for 24 days with no shelter, wood or fire. And, they had to eat the remains of their dead compatriots for food.


Maine State Building in Poland, Maine

At the 1893 Chicago World's Fair , there where over 200 buildings built to celebrate a Quadricentennial; 400 years after the arrival of Columbus to the New World. After the Fair was over, most the building were torn down, but one was shipped to Poland, Maine. And, it still stands for all to visit.