Weddings are a beautiful thing. Friends and family gather to witness the joining of two people who are in love. Then you throw in food, cake, music and alcohol; it becomes something else!

My friend's Dave and Lisa got married Sunday, and the ceremony beautiful. It was short and sweet, then it was inside for the reception. The wedding party all came out, and we all cheered. Dinner and champagne toasts were had, and drinks began flowing. Now, this is where the fun begins. I mean, watching people dance buzzed is one of the BEST parts of a wedding. And, now with social media; no one is safe. A friend of mine at the wedding taped some of the groom and his groomsmen's 'mad dance skills'. She then sent the video to her son with an important anti drinking message. Then OF COURSE it ended up on Facebook! Cheers to the newlywed's and thank you so much for inviting me!