My trip to Europe was epical. London, Paris, and Amsterdam in 11 days was not enough time. But, I did make time for one very important thing in Amsterdam...getting a new tattoo.

Being able to have the grand adventure of going to Europe with my Mom was a dream come true. We had planned this trip back in late 2016, and looked forward to it for months. Then, in May, we got the news that my sister had passed away. We are devastated. The trip became more than that to both of us. In fact, we brought some of my sister's ashes with us; spread them in each city. We spread some at Stonehenge, at the Eiffel Tower, and among beautiful flowers in Amsterdam.

For myself, my sister's death opened me up to living more. I have learned that life is so short, you have no control over it, and your last day on Earth is not planned. So, I decided from now on, I will be a yes person. Try new things, take chances, go to new places, meet new people. Oh, and definitely say no to things I do not want in my life. To remember my sister, my trip, and this life changing event; I got a tattoo in Amsterdam. I set up the appointment with the tattoo shop Manifacto Tattoo all on Facebook.

The finished tattoo came out beautiful, and I am in love with it! And, every time I look at it, I am reminded. Say yes, live in the moment because life is too short not to enjoy!