This is a story that is hard to hear, and to see. Unfortunately hate lives in our backyard sometimes, and it hurts so much to know this. But, the most beautiful movements can come out of a hateful situation. This time, a New Hampshire community stands up against hate. 

WMUR Channel 9 reported that on August 28, on private property in Claremont, NH, an 8-year-old boy was allegedly injured by some of his older peers.


WGME reported that the boy was allegedly pushed off a picnic table with a rope around his neck.

His mother ran him to the hospital, and said that the injuries around her sons neck were caused by a rope, according to the news station. His mother claims he was targeted due to his race.

Claremont PD has confirmed there is an investigation underway, and that they cannot release any more details at this time.

This story is now making national headlines, and it is heartbreaking to know this is reportedly happening so close to your home. The residents of Claremont came together last night rally against racism, and to show their love and support for the boy at this time.

Don't let hate continue. Only love will win.