#TBT means Throwback Thursday. Believe me, it took me a long time to figure that one out. Dang kids and their hashtaggin'! My Mom is NOT a professional hair stylist, and I paid the price for it. 

Ah yes, growing up in the 1980's was quite far from nowadays. Back then, my Mom married my Step-Dad who had 4 kids of his own. My Mom had me and my sister, so that added up to 6 kids under one roof. Times were tough, money was tight and that means making some sacrifices. And, the night before picture day when I was in 1st grade, my hair was scarified. My mom was NOT a professional hair stylist, but she was a professional at being on a budget. I am sure you have more than likely been in this situation growing up? She picked up some scissors and decided to strip away my beautiful blond mane. All that was left when she was done was a 'hot mess'.

On behalf of your children, don't cute their hair. It will scar them for life, and give them nightmares. I am being a bit dramatic ya know?! #LOL

Mom, I love you!


Here is the before: 





Here is after I was mauled by Mom: