Annie's New Tattoo
My trip to Europe was epical. London, Paris, and Amsterdam in 11 days was not enough time. But, I did make time for one very important thing in Amsterdam...getting a new tattoo.
Epic Pats Ink
We are your home of the 5 time Super Bowl Champions the New England Patriots! We followed the boys airing all the regular season games here on The Peak. We are beyond proud of their epic win. So, now what for you? Is it FINALLY time to get that Patriots tattoo...
‘Body Marbling’ May Be The Next Big Craze [VIDEO]
For those of you who want tattoos but hate the thought of a needle piercing your skin over and over again for hours on end,
there is now a method called 'body marbling' and it is very quick, and 100% painless. A simple saltwater soak of the skin will allow the paint to stick...
A Happy Ending
Katie Pimental of Kennebunk, Maine made headlines last month, when she was rejected by the Marines to join. She was denied due to an old policy of the Marines that a person cannot join if they have a tattoo that cannot be covered by their uniform...
Women's Tattoo VS Marines
Kate Pimental of Kennebunk, Maine has had a dream to one day join the U.S. Marine Corps, and protect her country. Her dream came to an end, when the Marines revoked her request to join, due to her inspiring collar bone tattoo. Kate has now found herself in the middle of a controversy about equal rig…
The Adventures of Annie
Last night, I got my fifth tattoo, a 3D butterfly. This tattoo means so much more to me than just getting a tattoo. It signifies my life journey.