Annie Top 10 Moments
Boy what a year it has been. I think that most of us are ready to get it on out of here. Get that fresh start, clean slate for 2017. The Peak and me did a lot of growing in 2016 thanks to you! It was an interesting and fun ride for me. Still developing my show, and coming to my good decisions...
Funny Cat Fails
This post is specifically designed to make you smile, point and laugh! Cats are the best thing to ever happen to the internet. Here are some of the most epic cat fails ever! Thank you Cat Lovers on Facebook.
Your Daily Cuteness
Need a boost today? The daily grind of life sometimes needs a little cuteness in it. So, take a moment today, step away from your work, and enjoy this video. Maine Coon kittens being kittens. I promise you will be smiling and feeling happy within 30 seconds of watching these furry babies play...
A Happy Ending
Katie Pimental of Kennebunk, Maine made headlines last month, when she was rejected by the Marines to join. She was denied due to an old policy of the Marines that a person cannot join if they have a tattoo that cannot be covered by their uniform...
Weekend Fun!
Fall is here, and gorgeous sunny, cool weather this weekend! Get out and soak it all in with these fun activities around you!