It’s Maine’s “Ugly” Season :( [PICS]
We seem to have picked up a new season in Maine, it comes before "Mud Season". I call it the "Ugly Season". Winter isn't over but most of the snow is gone and toys, trash and dead leaves have been unearthed with no sign of spring in sight...
Mainer on Cover of Time
According to WCSH Channel 6, Faith Ann Bishop is on the cover of the current issue of Time magazine. She is 20 years old and originally from Hermon, Maine. She is taking a courageous step and telling her story from her struggle with depression and anxiety...
The Adventures of Annie
Last night, I got my fifth tattoo, a 3D butterfly. This tattoo means so much more to me than just getting a tattoo. It signifies my life journey.
See a Face?
As long as our eyes are open, we are seeing things all day long. But, when you see faces in every day objects, you could be mentally disturbed.